About Liz

Author, speaker, relationship and life advice expert Liz Pryor tells inspiring life stories on and off the page. Her first book of advice about female friendship, What Did I Do Wrong? (Simon&Schuster, 2011) was a finalist for a Books for a Better Life Award.

That year, Pryor was among 15,000 applicants vying for a position as life advice expert on ABC’s Good Morning America.  After a six-month search, on-air competition and public voting process, Pryor was chosen. She spent the next two years dispensing advice on all aspects of every day living: parenting, relationships, friendship, divorce and more, on-air and online.

In 2016, Pryor released her provocative, moving memoir, Look at You Now (Random House) which promptly became a Chicago Tribune bestseller. The paperback version has just been released (June 2017). The book has been optioned  FOR THE SCREEN

Most recently, Pryor tackled her first TEDtalk on the subject of Judgment entitled “Alone on the Inside.”

Pryor answers dozens of life advice questions monthly on her website, www.LizPryor.com and speaks across the country on topics ranging from relationships, female friendships, parenting, divorce and life advice.

She has appeared on numerous daytime and morning shows and her work has been featured in Redbook, Elle, Forbes, Good Housekeeping (Best Crossover Young Adult to Adult Book for Summer 2017), People (both books were People picks) and more.

Pryor contributed to the anthology, 65 Things To Do at 65 (Mark Chimsky) alongside Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda.

In January 2018 Pryor signed on as a featured relationship columnist and contributing editor for Family Circle Magazine (4.2 million subscriber viewership)  where she will be dispensing her candid take on parenting, divorce  friendship and navigating everyday life as a woman in today’s culture.

Pryor lives in Los Angeles with her three teenage children and is totally convinced that her job as a single mother to three kids has given her most of the scrappy wisdom that comes from living every day life.


Studio City California

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