My Girlfriendships- welcomes Liz Pryor to co-host podcast “Friendship Fizz with Loopie and Liz”
First episode dropping 9/10 then every Friday through December

My Girlfriendships podcast Friendship Fizz with Loopie and Liz – is a  show that offers candid straight-talk on female friendship from the inside out.  Putting the truth, the struggle, the pain, and the gain of female friendship on the table for all to hear and learn.  Popping the cap on subjects left off the societal radar: listener letters, stories, and personal experience push the content and invite us to work through  friendship terrain with practical usable take away both laywoman and expert. From how women end friendship and the emotional aftermath it leaves, to the seemingly harmless friend who always shows up late. The stuff we keep buried, we unearth on this show, and look for ways through it.  The conversations here blend plain, old-fashioned, good sense, and humor with an empathy for women who share the belief that no matter what, we  will strive to do it right, or at least do our best when it comes to our girlfriends.  Deep down  all of us know we wouldn’t sit in our lives with the same kind of ease…without the love, support and buoying we receive from some of the most impacting relationships in our lives… our girlfriends.  


Cheers- Liz

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