“I have never come across a more valuable resource for families and parents.”

Hi, I wanted to write something to express my incredible support for this Amazing new idea, Poobah the conversation game, which is available on Kickstarter here. In all that I have gathered over the last decade on family, parenting, kids, young, teen and adult- I have never come across a more valuable resource.

Somewhere inside each of us, we know that what matters most in life, are the relationships we have with the people we love; and that begins with our families.  I was raised in the Midwest, number five out of seven kids, and it wasn’t until I had my own three kids, that I understood the value in the effort my parents made to keep our family involved and connected to each other growing up. So much of who I am today is a product of the foundation I received as a kid hanging out with my family, hours around the dinner table, at museums, raking the back yard, and hanging out in the living room.  Research states that family conversation and connection is directly linked to improving resilience, self-esteem, social skills, academic performance, all the things we want for our kids.

Yes, this great world is a different place today; times have changed- technology and science have progressed at a faster rate in the last ten years than ever before.  And thus, we have changed. We’re acclimating, doing the best we can, keeping up, moving faster and taking on more and more and more in our daily lives- and our kids are right there next to us.

What I’m seeing most in families, when it comes to struggle and conflict is a breakdown in communication, and a loss of connection. Competing priorities are diminishing what has held the American family together for so many generations – simple as it sounds?  Family time- good old-fashioned time spent together. For generations family time has proven to be the glue that holds us together- hanging out, doing nothing, talking, playing, bickering…but together.

In 1975 it was researched and recorded that on an average, American families were spending 8 ½ hours a week together, engaging in family time.  The same research in 2018 reveals the average family time spent together is 27 minutes.

Neither time nor progress are in our control, but the choices we make for what we do with that time and progress is. Poobah the conversation game, provides an opportunity to engage our families in undistracted family time- with 250 questions that prompt, problem solving skills, emotional quotient measure, laughter, and intellectual insight, in 5 strategically chosen categories.  Poobah can help remind us about the time we want to spend together as a family. It can entice us to give our kids the kinds of experiences that build the things that matter and stay with them in the years to come.

Yes, Poobah will crack the family up with its silly questions, but it will also help move us a closer to knowing and connecting to each other in ways we don’t even realize we’re not. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us the whole time.  Try it, start talking to your family. Break out the Poobah cards and open yourself up to listening and learning things you may not know about the people you love the most.


Cheers, and enjoy!
Liz Pryor

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