Life Advice Expert

Liz Pryor is an author, speaker, columnist and life advice expert.  She is the owner of and author of What Did I Do Wrong?  Published by Simon & Schuster, nominated for the books for a better life award. Her new memoir Look At You Now, published by Random House July, 2016,  was recently OPTIONED THE BOOK FOR THE SCREEN   In 2012, LIZ WENT  up against 15 thousand hopefuls in a national search for the position of “life advice guru” on ABC’s Good Morning America, and won.  She dispensed an advice column weekly for ABC news, answered relationship and advice questions, and appeared on-air for the morning show.  Her candid shoot from the hip approach to the growing challenges of everyday life in this fast paced culture, offers support and hope in a voice that resonates.

 Liz believes as a single mom of three teenagers, most of her wisdom, idea’s, and answers come from her own scrappy need to make life work…everyday.

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