Hi Liz, I haven’t been to a wedding in ages.  What’s the going price of a gift these days? Also, as far as birthday gifts go, is it okay to send an “e-mail thank you” or should we still write out handwritten cards? Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Milwaukee, WI


I am a huge fan of a hand written thank you however, I believe an e-mail with a lot of thought and the same sentiment is certainly acceptable for a birthday thank you!

Far as weddings, they haven’t changed, nor really have the price of gifts, (other than inflation). This is a celebration that remains amazing and unchanging over time.  My thought is that we should spend on a gift,  with our affection and feelings for the couple as the true guide. This is a time in life when we are given such a great chance for success on a gift with a lot of thought.  There are hundreds of ways to give wisdom and blessings for gifts.  If one cannot afford something, they can easily put a thoughtful gift together and the couple is sure to like it.  If you want to buy a needed item, a luxury item, all of it is welcome.  Challenge yourself to spend what you want- while factoring in what you can afford.

The average amount spent for a wedding gift in the year 2010 was between 65.00 and 100.00.  I state this because you asked, however, I firmly believe we should all do what  our hearts say and our wallets can handle!!

Hope this helps, 


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