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white sweater3 hand book picLiz Pryor is an author, speaker, parenting columnist and life advice expert.  She is the owner of www.LizPryor.com and author of What Did I Do Wrong? Published by Free Press/Simon & Schuster, nominated for the books for a better life award 2008.

Last year, Liz went up against 15 thousand hopefuls in a national search for the position of “life advice guru” on ABC’s Good Morning America, and won.  She dispensed an advice column weekly for ABC news, answered relationship and parenting advice questions, and appeared on air for the morning show.  Her candid shoot from the hip approach to the growing challenges of everyday life in this fast paced culture, offers support and hope in a voice that resonates.   Her familiar yet unique style has been coined as a modern day dear Abby meets a slice of Jon Stewart.




IMG_0225Liz ‘s recent Partnership as parenting expert with SAMSUNG for the launch of the “Make Your House Work” campaign has Liz sharing her experience and advice on raising kids, working, and running a home life efficiently.  Her parenting, friendship and life survival tips can be read in numerous American and Canadian magazines.Liz contributes to several mommy blogs, and writes for the international baby company Munchkin as their resident mom advisor.


Having been raised the fifth of seven children in a suburb outside Chicago, Liz’s grounded roots make for a solid platform from which to draw. She studied Journalism at Kansas University, and continued her studies at UCLA after moving to southern CA. in the mid 80’s.


Liz believes that as a single mom with three young teenagers most of her wisdom, idea’s and answers come from her own scrappy need to make life work…everyday.



 ABC/Good Morning America- Life Advice Guru 2011-2012

 SAMSUNG Parenting Expert

Liz recently partnered with SAMSUNG for the launch of the “Make your house work”  home appliance campaign.  Her parenting tips, idea’s and expertise can be seen and heard on line.

Munchkin-Parenting Expert Liz contributes on line as the parenting expert and columnist for the international baby company.

Magazines– Liz’s life advice tips can be found in:


Self                             Ladies Home Journal

Elle                              People Magazine (buzz book)



March 2012 Forbes Magazine talks to Liz about life and advice.


Hollywood Confidential Advice expert- Liz joined Leeza Gibbons on her nationally syndicated radio show, Hollywood Confidential.  Her 12 appearances can be heard from the media link at www.LizPryor.com

RADIO Guest parenting expert appearances:

KISS FM Boston  Matty in the Morning show

SERIUS XM Whole Living

WOXL FM Tammy in the morning

Mancow-  Chicago

WREC Tanya Powers

WLRW-Bobby D

WDRC The Mary Jones Show